Every summer when it finally gets sunny and the temperature jumps above 30 degrees I have one tiny concern in my head. Why? Because it´s time to undress and show your body to the sun at public places. I always find it soo weird to go almost nude in front of many people, especially after being completely covered for the last 8 months. My skin is very pale and I usually gain few extra kilos over the winter. I guess I am not the only one having this problem so please don’t take me too seriously.

Why am I writting about this in the middle of the winter? I´ll be off to Bali in a couple of weeks and I need to get ready! Currently I am working in the office – meaning I spend at least 8 hours per day sitting on my butt and I think this is the worse thing ever – super unhealthy plus I read somewhere that people who sit a lot die earlier (OMG!) and it´s just unbelieveable how much weight you gain if you don´t do any exercise. I am not saying this is gonna work for everyone but there are my tips on how to get at least a bit in shape:

  • Exercise – I am running twice per week althought I´d like to do three times. Minimum distance 5 km. I also do yoga exercise every day (or every second day) incl. 100 sit ups.  I also walk as much as I can – to/from work, around the city. Only thing you need are comfortable shoes and not too heavy handbag, ideally backpack.
  • Eat healthy – I don´t do any special diet, I just try to eat healthy stuff. That means for breakfast usually white yoghurt with banana, kiwi, chia seeds, oats and coconut flakes. For lunch I have a proper meal – either pasta, chicken, potatoes with vegetable. After few hours I am usually hungry so I have either fruit or cucumber with carrots or nut bar. For dinner I go for wholemeal bread with eggs, avocado, hummus or just a salad.
  • Drink healthy – I have smoothie or fresch orange at least 3 times per week. My favourite is with banana, kiwi, blueberries and orange. After I got up I drink a glass of cold water with squeezed lemon. At work I have 2 -3 cups of a detox tea and about 2 liters of water. Sometimes after lunch I have a small coffee. No fizzy drinks!
  • Eat vitamins – you don´t wanna get sick before your holiday so vitamins is a must. To prepare skin for a lot of sun I eat carrots every single day. Two weeks before I drink home made ginger, honey and lemon tea to make sure I´ll not get ill. And to make my body feel good I eat green pills containing chlorella (detoxing your body), spirula (giving you energy with a lot of vitamin B12 and protein) and young barley (keeping healthy balance).
  • Timing is important –  I try not to eat later than 7:30pm – this is good for your belly. From my own experience – when I ate at 10pm or later I felt like 6 months pregnant the next morning.

What are your tips for getting in shape? Do you find it difficult to follow them?




  1. You won’t catch be in a bikini or a Speedo but eating veggies & exercising daily keep me in decent shape: water & walking will keep them whistling.


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