I have been learning how survive long-haul flights step by step. My first trips were within Europe, usually up to 2 hours and when I flew to Crete for more than 3 hours I was thinking OMG that´s a lot! Then I went to Egypt, that was 4,5 hours…what a ridiculously “long flight”!

But if you want to explore further there´s no other way. My first one was to Bangkok via Abu Dhabi, meaning 6 hours from Prague to Abu Dhabi and from there another 6 hours to BKK. Still OK, but on my way back they had to put me on a different flight and I flew directly from BKK to Amsterdam for 11 hours. Was not so bad at the end but not very comfortable. I was squeezed in the middle seat with quite large man on my left side. I was really counting the hours.

Reserve your seats

It might be worth it to pay extra money to make sure you get the seat you want. Some people prefer to have the window seat where they can lean their head against the window and sleep. The worst thing is to get stuck between two strangers.

Pump up your beauty travel bag

Make sure you carry a toothbrush and toothpaste with you. There is nothing better than to brush your teeth after or before your snooze. Have a mineral spray water – as you know, the air in the plane is very dry so you need to hydrate your skin a lot. Instead of makeup apply only a moisturizing cream on your face. Wear glasses instead of your lenses. Have a miniature of deodorant and minuature of your favourite perfume.

Like on your sofa at home

Don´t forget to bring  your travel pillow and extra scarf or hoodie on board. The airlines will provide you with a small pillow but it is not so comfortable and the blanket is very thin. So you´ll be more than happy to have something more to put on. Wear comfortable clothes and pack a pair of warm socks. Tight jeans with only a t-shirt is really not a way to go.

Do airplane yoga

Every couple of hours do few basic exercises to improve your blood circulation. Here are few great tips and I am sure few of them are absolutely doable.

Drink (water)

Drink loads of water. Your body gets much more dehydrated that´s why the liquids are really important. One note – drink only a water which came from a bottle.  Avoid alcohol – won´t make you feel any better and your jet lag will be much worse.

Bring small snacks

Pack some small sweets and chocolates in your bag. Of course you get food in the plane but on my last trip which lasted 12 hours, we got hot dinner at the beginning of the flight followed by hot breakfast after about 8 hours. I was hungry! (I was obviously travelling in economy class)

These are the basic tips I am trying to follow. If there are any others I forgot, please feel free to share them with me! Happy travelling!



  1. Great post! I always try to wear something like leggings and a loose tunic top teamed with a largish scarf which can double as a blanket or wrap. It looks more classy than sweat pants and is just as comfortable.


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