If you travel, you know what I am talking about. Coming back from holiday or any kind of a trip is my least favourite activity right after unpacking. Luckily there are few things which will help you to reduce the “awful” consequences of your return.

Get as much fresh air as possible

This is vital! Especially if you just spent few weeks in a sunny place at the beach and your home is somewhere like in the north of Europe. Go on a walk, get fresh air and spend some time in the sun. Did you know that sunlight can cure depressions and builds the immune system?

Share your holiday memories

I bet all your friends and family members will be very curious to hear about your trip. You can organize a little meet up at the weekend. Prepare a little presentation, show them your pictures, video´s and share your adventures with them.

Temples in Chiang Mai, Thailand are simply stunning!
Temples in Chiang Mai, Thailand are simply stunning!

Bring as many souvenirs as possible

These will help you to remember the great time you had abroad. Best to get something which will remind you the taste or smell. What I have brought from Bali was a lemongrass tea, CD with traditional Balinese music and incense.

Get a fake sun

I agree this is against all the healthy rules but if the weather outside is so miserable and you don´t manage to get any sunlight then this is a short-time solution. If you don´t spend to many minutes in sun bed and you go just twice or three times it should not cause any damage to your body.

Find the holiday food

Everytime I came back from abroad I craved the local food. After Morocco it was the fresh orange juice (the best I ever had), after living in Belgium I terribly missed the thick frietjes (fries), and after few months in Greece and Thailand I was in a desperate search of Greek and Thai restaurants in my area. So if you fancy Pad Thai, find the best Thai place in your town and get the taste back on your taste bud.

The very popular Pad Thai

Join traveller´s clubs

In each city there are few traveller´s clubs which organize presentations or meet ups on a regular basis. You can make new friends who have the similar travel experience, get new ideas and have long conversations with them about the rock climbing in Peru or diving in the Andaman sea.

Plan your next adventure

To constantly keep yourself in the mood of excitement, you should already start to think about your next trip before coming back home from the current one. I am not saying you have to purchase your tickets and accommodation immediately. Just think about it, plan, subscribe to bus/flight/train ticket deals and wait for the best one.


Please let me know in the comments below what are your tips and tricks on beating the post holiday blues.




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