I have been living in Prague for nearly 3 years and I am glad that every now and then I find out about new restaurant, bar or a café. It took me some time to build this list and when going out for drink I usually pick one of these. Hopefully you will find this list helpful and I will be happy if you let me know which one you visited, how did you like it etc. So let´s begin! 


You can find this bar only 5 min walk from the metro station Národní třída. It´s quite well hidden and if my friend didnt´t  tell me about it I would probably not know untill now. The bar is very popular so better to have a reservation. It has basically 3 tiny floors and DJ almost every night. You can enjoy pleasant sounds of house, disco, garage, funk or soul music. In the menu you can find also signature coctails like Thai Me Up with saffron gin, chilli and ginger or Greenteani.

Source: Groove Bar Facebook
Source: Groove Bar Facebook


Located right next to Charles Bridge at Karolíny Světlé street. This bar is inspired by the hard-drinking author and in its menu you can find coctails you can´t find anywhere else. Ingredients like M&M´s or egg white are nothing bizarre in this bar. My favourite is Mango and Red Orange Caipiroska but you should hurry up if you wanna try! They change the menu quite often. On the other hand they are ready to prepare any kind of coctail you ask for. The service and the quality is top! And it´s the only bar with the rules!

Source: Hemingway Bar Facebook
Source: Hemingway Bar Facebook


Another famous author, another great bar. This one is not exactly in the centre but in the popular area called Žižkov. This bar is a popular spot of expats living in this neighbourhood. Its dark kind of vintage intimate decor with candels makes me feel like I am in a bar somewhere in Belgium. The prices are reasonable and coctails strong! If you come once, you keep coming back for more.



The most central bar. Easy to find right next to the main shopping street-  Pařížská, only few minutes from the Old Town Square. Great coctails and selection of cigars. You will need a reservation untill you don´t plan to show up at 7PM. The menu is basically a book with little stories so it takes some time to choose.



The decor of this bar is not so charming as in Hemingway but I really like it. Type Kožná 8 in your Google maps or you won´t find it although is just few steps from the Old Town Square. The bar is quite small but offers really good coctails for good prices considering the fact you are right in the centre of Prague and wide range of wines. Try  Raspberry Seabreeze or G-vine Gimlet.


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