travel solo

Sometimes there is no other way than to go solo. I desperately wanted to go to south-east Asia and of course I would prefered to have a company but all my friends were either home with their babies or didn´t want to leave their jobs. I was thinking: am I really going to stay at home because I have no one to go with? No….So I went.

I have to admit that I was nervous and a bit scared as well. On the other hand there was someone waiting for me at the airport in Phuket and I have spent 4 amazing months working with a nice group of people. Then I left and travelled alone for 5 weeks, although I was lucky and met a friend of mine for few days in Malaysia and Singapore. In Cambodia I have also spent few days with a girl I met in Phuket but I did two night bus journeys, a few weeks in Siem Reap, Chiang Mai and Bangkok all alone.

Did I enjoy it? I loved it!

Become your own boss

You decide how your day will look like. If you love that cathedral in Rome and you want to sit inside for an hour and admire its beauty, you won´t have any impatient friend behind your back who wants to move forward. If you are on a budget and you want to eat street food in Thailand you do it with no questions. Your friend (s) might prefer to eat in a restaurant and then it might be difficult to find a compromise.

Get more confidence

If you are a shy person, travelling solo will help you to overcome your fear from talking to strangers. Because there will be nobody else who will ask any questions for you. The more you will practise, the more confident you will be at the end.

solo 1

Make more friends

It is more likely that you will talk and meet more people when travelling on your own than in a group. If you stay in a hostel, you will probably end up going out with few people from your room or with those you met in a common area.

Learn to enjoy your own company

I always felt weird going to a cafe or restaurant on my own. I have thought that people will think I don’ t have any friends. Well, obviously I found out later that my concerns were useless. You will meet so many people sitting at their tables alone! Chatting with your friends is priceless but if you are planning your further adventure, writing your blog post, studying new language or just reading a book, then being there on your own is the best thing you can do. Actually, we should be able to spend some time alone occasionally. It’ s proven that it has many physical and psychological benefits.

Learn to rely on yourself

Planning your trip is actually like planning your own work project. It requires good organizational, budgeting, negotiating and problem solving skills. If you travel solo, there is no one else you can rely on. If you encounter a problem, you have to calm down to think clear and find the best solution. This is an amazing life lesson. You also practise using your common sence. If you meet other traveller and he asks you to go out together to someplace you don´t know, you should think twice whether to do it or not. Also you will think more carefully about what parts of city or town you are going to visit is better to avoid after sunset.

Do you have any experience with travelling solo? Did you enjoy it? Or do you prefer to travel in a group?



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