Prague – known for its stunning architecture, beer and beautiful women. Sometimes called as “heart of Europe” or “the City of hundred Spires” has a lot to offer. Obviously I didn´t include all the main historical sights, but added few most tourists are not aware of. Enjoy!

Go to farmer´s markets

There are few markets per day in a different areas of the city but the top one is each Saturday at Náplavka along the Vltava river. Better to get there earlier so you don´t get lost in the crowds. They start at 8am and finish at 2pm. You can get a lot of products from the local farmers, fresh flowers, wine, fresh pasta, seasonal fruit and vegetable, coffee, juices and much more. This is also a great spot for getting a lunch as there are few stands as well where you can get amazing burgers, grilled seafood, home made gnocchi or variety of cakes.


Get tipsy at Letná beergarden

Take the tram from Náměstí Republiky and get off at Letenské náměstí. Then head left untill you will get to the entrance of a large park. The first thing you will spot on the left side is a large number of wooden tables and benches. This is actually an open pub. It gets very lively in the summer plus there is a stunning view! What they serve is beer, of course, and if you are hungry, you can have gyros or sausage from the stall located just in the centre of the beergarden. That gyros is really nice!

Do paddle boats on Vltava river

Perfect for sunny days. The rent is for an hour and will cost you 150 czk (6 usd). If you get thirsty you can stop by a river pub where you can buy drinks directly from the boat. You can´t have a better view than a Charles Bridge and the Castle.


Explore the Old Town Square

I would say the most beautiful square in the entire city. Located just in the centre of Prague, surrounded by tower of Town Hall with its beautiful astronomical clock, the fairytale Týn Cathedral and the Church of St. Nicholas. The most photographed is definitely the astronomical clock which comes alive every hour on the hour with a parade of apostoels and moving statues. The restaurants at the square are tourist traps, just walk few hundred meters away and you will get food for half price. What you should try here is Hotel U Prince where on the 4th floor you can enjoy drink at the terrace overlooking the whole square.

Climb up to Petřín Hill

Great place for a romantic walks. Actually, on 1st of May we have this tradition where every girl/woman should be kissed under a blossom tree to keep her beauty and health for the following year. And this is the place where all the couples go! It´s quite a walk, but if you make that effort and climb the tower on the top, you will be rewarded by a fantastic view. For the lazy ones – there is also a cableway.


Lunch at Kolkovna

This is a chain of traditional pubs serving delicious Czech meals and 12 degree Pilsner beer. You should definitely try dumplings with red/white cabbage and duck or dumplings with sirloin sauce and cranberries. There is one not far from the Old Town Square – at V Kolkovne street.

Wander around Kampa

If you are coming from the Old Town Square, go onto a Charles Bridge and at the end go left. You will see stairs leading into a small square. If you follow the road you will get into a park where you will not miss the huge sculptures of babies without faces from the controversial artist David Černý. Right next to that is Kampa museum where the largest collection of Central European modern art is waiting right for you. Then head to Velkopřevorské náměstí and write a message on the famous Lennon Wall.

Snack at Naše Maso

The most famous butcher shop located at Dlouhá street. This shop is supplying with its meat the best restaurants in Prague (chain Ambiente). You can also get there a  light snacks and beer. They have only few tables but people eat fast because it tastes so heavenly. Definitely go for a tartar and burger. The sausages are worth it as well!

nase mase

Party at Dlouhá

Not sure where to go on a night out in Prague? Dlouhá street is right next to the Old Town Square and this is the place where you will find numerous bars which are popular mainly by tourists, expats and few locals as well. If you fancy music of sixties or seventies, then head to James Dean. There is a restaurant where they make amazing burgers and American breakfast, at the lower floor is a club. The other popular place is Bombay bar – reasonable coctails and disco music. If you get hungry try Fish and Chips store. At the end of the street you can find club Roxy which is featuring famous Dj´s few times per month. Just above this club is very pleasant bar and gallery called Nod. If you wanna dance, continue to the end of the street and on the left side you will spot a place looking like entry into an old block of flats. Don´t get mislead, this is actually an entrance into a club called 2.patro. Really cool place! Opposite this place you can find Prague Beer Museum where you can taste chocolate, blueberry or grapefruit beers!


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