Buying and preparing beauty care for my trips is the activity I enjoy the most in this whole packing/getting ready process. I can see a certain evolution in a way I do it. When I went to Greece few years ago, I have probably thought that the basic things like shower gel and shampoo are hard to find there so I always carried 500 ml packaging of any product with me. Yea, there´s no wonder my luggage was so heavy! 

Now I am being smarter and pack only the really essential items or something I know will be hard to find in my final destination. So what do I always need to have in my travel bag?

Thermal Spring Water

My favourite is from Avéne. You can also get it in 50 ml packaging so easy to take with you on the board where your skin really needs extra hydration. What else is this water good for? It helps if you suffer from facial redness, razor bum, sunburns and other various irritations. Good to use to set your make-up or just in general in summer when you are sweaty and need to refresh your face. It is suitable even for hypersensitive skin.

Miccelar lotion

Eventhough I don´t tend to use make-up when I am on a beach holiday I always clean my face in the evening. Yes, the skin catches a lot of mess during the day so this is vital for the good look of your skin. My favourite is again from Avené, but I also used to have Bioderma and no complaints.

Face cream

It is probably a good idea to take this one from home. You know what works best for your skin and you don´t want to end up with a rash caused by a product you randomly bought in a Thai supermarket. Unfortunately, I didn´t find my nr.1 cream yet. I have been using different ones but my skin ended up very irritated so currently I am using one which was prescribed for me by my dermatologist and made in a pharmacy.

Mascara & Bronzer & concealer

You never know with what kind of blemishes you will wake up with so I always have concealer in my make-up bag. My favourite is L´Oreal Infallible which gives a good coverage. I am using bronzer until my skin gets the natural tanned look. I actually just started to use bronzer recently and love it. What I use is Rimmel Natural Bronzer with SPF 15. I also need mascara because I am blonde and just look really weird without it. Maybelline Lash Sensational makes amazing extended lashes. There is also a waterproof version.

Sun creams

I bring these with me because anywhere I travel to they are always much more expensive. I don´t have any rule on how to choose the right cream. Well, just two rules: it must be water resistant and have at least SPF 30. On my face I use SPF 50 and I don´t really care whether it is cream or oil.

Lip Care

Very important item. Even when I am not travelling I always have few lip balms and lip glosses in my handbag. Using lip balm with high SPF on your travells is the best you can do because there is nothing worse than burnt lips. When going out in the evening I like to put some colour on. My favourite lipsticks are from Sephora which smell incredible and last long.

Nail polish

I love combo of tanned skin with colourful nail polishes. My top nr. 1 is any shade of coral but lately I learned to wear also light purple and mint. Actually, any colour from the Rita Ora collection for Rimmel is gorgeous.

Coconut oil

I am not using this product only while I am travelling but all year around. Luckily, in Europe I can get it in drugstore, in Asia even in supermarkets. I apply it on my dry skin every day after shower because it improves the moisture and lipid content of the skin. It has many other benefits like it lowers the risk of heart disease, improves the level of blood cholesterol level, it can reduce your hunger, whiten your teeth etc. The fresh coconut water is meant to be more hydrating than a water. Just try it!

What beauty product must be in your bag when you travel?


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