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During my university studies I have spent 3 amazing summers on Karpathos.  Most of the times when I said to someone that I was on Karpathos they had no idea that this small island even exists. It´s the second largest of the Greek Dodecanese islands in the southeastern Aegean Sea. To be a little more specific, it´s somewhere between Rhodes and Crete. 

It´s not so crowded

This island is being discovered each year by more and more people. This is happening mainly because the representatives of this island are taking part in a few travel exhibitions each winter and promoting the beauties of Karpathos to the whole Europe. Still, it is not so massively crowded as Crete, Rhodos, Corfu or other popular islands. You can easily find your own beach and not to see anyone for the whole day.

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Damatria beach

Popular windsurfing spot

The south of the island is very windy. Yes, it´s not very pleasant when you are lying on a sandy beach and you are constantly covered in sand but on the other hand you are never dying from the heat because the wind cools you down. Plus the wind gives great conditions for windsurfing. Just about 5 minutes from the airport you can find Club Mistral where you can take lessons and learn from scratch.

Windsurfing spot – Chicken Bay

For its Olympos village

This village is located in the northern part of the island, about 58 km from Pigadia (the capital of the island). I have visited this place 6 years ago when there was still no road. To get there was a bit tricky – it meant to get a boat from Pigadia to Diafani and from there take a bus. But it was absolutely worth it! I have never seen a place like this in my life and it made me feel like I have literally reached “the end of the world”. This village is like a live museum where primitive customs still play an important role.

Olympos village

For its crystal clear waters

The sea here is absolutely stunning. You might think that it must be everywhere in Greece but I have visited few other places and Karpathos was nr. 1! My favourite beaches are Kyra Panagia, which you might see on most of the post cards (white church with the red dome), Apella beach, Diakoftis and Damatria beach.

Beautiful Kyra Panagia beach

You won´t miss out on anything

Because the island is so small, you can drive around the entire island in one day. Meaning you will not regret after your holiday that you didn´t have time to see this and that. Places not to miss on your trip are Arkassa village with its Acropolis located on the hill which will give you gorgeous view on the sea. Fishing village Finiki – where you should stop and get some nice seafood. Inland villages Menetes and Othos where you can visit its folklore museums and while in Othos, search for the Karpathian wine – very similar to Port wine, tasting heavenly.

Lefkos village

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