Photo by Emma
Photo by Emma

Welcome back to my Cambodian Adventure stories. In the previous post me and my friend Emma have just arrived to Sihanoukville´s bus station when it started to get dark. We got a tuk-tuk and headed to Otres beach 2, althought we didn´t really know to which hostel….It was 12 km ride on a broken road in the middle of nowhere. It was getting dark very quickly. I will probably never forget the looks we were giving to each other saying: where the hell are we? Goal nr. 1 was to find a place with wifi where Emma could check her emails and find the name of our hostel, as she didn´t remember it. We were lucky and the people in the first one were so nice and let us to do it. Goal nr. 2 was to find that hostel. Well, it took some time but we succeeded after about next 20 minutes. We arrived quite late, so we ate dinner, took a shower and went to sleep.

FootPrints backpackers beach hostel

We stayed in FootPrints hostel which is a nice wooden hostel just in front of the sea. The rooms are very basic with mosquito nets. At the lounge area there is big TV screen and few comfortable sofas and you can order food as well. The hostel was OK, you might find better one but for 5 USD per night you can´t expect too much. My biggest advice for coming into this area is to withdraw all the money you will need in advance! Nobody here accepts credit cards and there are no ATM´s. If you need cash, then you need to take a tuk-tuk back to Sihanoukville (for 16 USD). In front of the hostel is a beach restaurant with sun beds where you can get fruit shakes for 1 USD, English breakfast, pancakes, sandwiches, fried rice etc.

View from our hostel
View from our hostel

The beach itself is beautiful with crystal clear water. We have stayed 2 nights and it was about the right time as there was not much to do apart from reading a book, sunbathing and enjoying the silence.


This is Cambodia´s top beach location, although the sea was not so nice as in Otres beach. The town is quite big with hospital, supermarkets, night market and plenty of cafés mainly along the Serendipity beach. This is the right place for seafood lovers. Every evening, each restaurant at the beach has a BBQ. You can choose from different kind of fish which will be served with a salad and potatoes for only 3 USD. As a drink I recommend a local Angkor Wat beer cause I am not really sure about the cocktails. What will you get in it has nothing to do with tequila, so be careful. If you fall in love with this place and you want to save money on your living expenses you can go and ask in each bar if they need a hand. I have met there loads of backpackers who worked there on shifts and were provided with room and some food. They were basically just handing out flyers on the beach few times per day and trying to entertain the guests in the evenings (meaning – make them drink as much as possible).

Serendipity beach
Serendipity beach

sunday guest house

This is where we stayed with Emma. We had a twin room so it was quite a luxury for us to have our own bathroom. This guest house is located about 5 min walk from the Gold lion statue and 12 min from the beach. It was kind of a ghost hotel. We never saw any other guests and the owners were just weird. We had to extend for one night and when we asked them if it would be possible the first thing they cared about is whether we pay NOW. In Cambodia you are not meant to flush the used paper into the toilet, so you have to place it in the bin. The staff did not empty the bin once in 4 days! We had to ask for new towels and extra toilet paper. I was quite happy to leave that place.

Streets of Sihanoukville
Streets of Sihanoukville

It was definitely a great experience to visit these locations but I don´t think I will ever be back. The people are not friendly as in Thailand and the town was not really “cosy”.


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