Moving abroad is definitely an exciting thing but there is some work to be done before you leave. Most likely you don’ t decide to move abroad just over night. That’ s something you have been thinking about for quite some time and it may have various reasons: career, relationship, boredom, studies.  You should know at least two months in advance because you have to…..

quit your job

If you are a regular employee in Europe you have 2 months notice period. In my country the period starts to run from the 1st of the following month so if you want to be free from the 1st of September you have to give notice no later than on 30th June.

give notice on your apartment

The same amount of time counts also for quitting your apartment. You want to give the owner of your flat some time to find a replacement and you want to make sure not to have to pay extra rents in case you don’ t announce this in time.

cancel your subscriptions

Cancel any contracts which are made on your name. This can be anything which has to do something with your flat – electricity, internet, gas. You might need to cancel also your phone on a contract and before getting a new one in your new home, get just pay as you go number.

sort out your health insurance

Contact the relevant authorities in your city and find out what you have to do when moving abroad. It will differ from case to case. If you already have a job in another country and you know they will provide you with health insurance, then you need to unsubscribe from the current one. If you don’ t have a job yet, then I recommend to keep paying it by yourself until you find a job. Before finding you job don’ t forget to add a travel insurance on the top of your standard health insurance.

health checks

Make appointments at your doctors to get a standard checks and make sure you will have enough medicine you take regularly. If you go to countries where vaccination is required, do a research or discuss with your doctor.

check the validity

Of your ID, passport and credit card. Inform your bank that you will travel abroad so they don’ t block your account when they see some “suspicious” payment. Carry with you few passport size photos in case you need them for any kind of application.

get rid off your stuff

Advertise your stuff on the local expat websites. Students coming from abroad are usually in search for cheap furniture. Regarding your clothes – not sure about you but I will never ever be able to take all my clothes with me so try to sell it online as well. If you don’ t succeed, then look for charities in your neighbourhood. If the clothes is still decent, someone will be happy to use it again. You can also organise a fun evening with your friends where you can give out your books, accessories, kitchen equipment etc.

arrange your visa

If you decide to look for a job on a spot, make sure you apply for a visa on time. This applies for Americans coming to Europe and for most of the nations coming to Asia. For example you can get one month in Thailand on arrival but you probably want to give yourself more time for finding a job, so better to apply for two or three months visa prior to your departure.

organize a farewell party

Because you don´t want to leave without saying good bye to everyone!



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