I have spent one week in Sihanoukville due to the fact that I didn’ t buy the bus ticket to Siem Reap in advance. When I went to the travel agency with my friend Emma to purchase the tickets (she was heading to Vietnam) we found out that all the tickets were sold out because of the bank holiday. So we had to wait another 2 days to get them which we were not so excited about as we could not wait to get out of Sihanoukville.

the worse bus journey ever

I took a night bus and it was my first time ever plus I was travelling all alone so to be honest, I was scared. The Cambodian night bus is not the same as a normal bus. Actually I saw two different kinds – one had big reclining seats, something like you can see at the dentist and the whole bus area was open. I was secretly hoping for this one but I got into the other kind which looked like from the movie “Some like it hot” with Marilyn Monroe. The bus was made of two-floor cubicles with curtains. We got a little pillow and a tiny blanket and it was impossible to have a sleep due to the bumpy roads. Well, they basically don’ t have any roads but it was scary as it seemed we gonna crash every 10 minutes.

Picture taken from the bus...just few kilometers before Siem Reap.
Picture taken from the bus…just few kilometers before Siem Reap.

arrival to siem reap

In the early morning we arrived to the rubbish dump in Siem Reap (aka bus station). What a surprise when we went to pick up our luggage from the trunk of the bus and the only things we found there were cartoon boxes! Our suitcases were in a different bus! Luckily, but how this happened? Who knows….At the station were loads of tuk-tuk drivers and a man who was in charge of the tickets, so I got mine for few dollars and was taken to my hostel.


I have booked into this hostel which was only 4,30 eur per night in 6 dorm room. The hostel was located only 5 minutes walk from the central market across the river. If you are looking for something really cheap, this is the way to go.

This was my third week of backpacking and I was getting tired. The first two weeks I was in KL and Singapore, getting up early to see all the must see places. I walked all days long and got back to the hostels around 8pm. So I decided to take it easy and just wandered around the centre of SR, visited the market, found a hotel whose pool was accessible for public and spent a day there. The best day of my stay here was visiting the temples of Angkor Wat.

Angkor wat

Is the largest religious monument in the world under the protection of UNESCO. It was build in the early 12th century and became a national symbol of Cambodia appearing on its flag as well. It is located 5 km north from the city. What most tourists do is that they rent a tuk-tuk driver for a day who drives them around this complex area. Very popular is also to get up early and get there before the sunrise. I rented a bicycle and set myself out on a crazy journey. The road leading to Angkor Wat is nice but it’ s so busy. You have to be really careful if you are on a bicycle cause there are cars, bikes, tuk-tuks and other bicycles everywhere around. After a short ride you get to the point where you have to buy a ticket. For one day the pass is 20 USD and they will take a picture of you for your ticket. Don’ t worry if you think you can’ t see everything in one day, you can also get a three-day pass.

I had only one day on my hands so I cycled to the main three temples which are – Temple of Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Bayon Temple. I went on my own and I enjoyed the freedom of going wherever I wanted to go. You should respect the rules and cover your shoulders and knees. Don’ t worry if you forget to take something with you cause you will find few shops in the area selling this comfy long trousers for only 3 USD. Take a plenty of water with you – it is extremely hot but if you run out they sell water and fruit on every corner (for a tourist prices of course).

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  1. Your night bus trip reminds of the train I took in Portugal,it was narrow gauge & swayed so much,no sleep was possible.But I would stay & travel just like you, I want to be free to see & flee whenever I please,no guides or tuk-tuk crooks to spoil my trip.


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