Holiday – my favourite time of the year. I am not planning anything big this summer as I have already been in Bali in March. I am going just for few days to London at the end of the month. I can´t really wait to go mainly because I am going to my first English wedding which will take place in the London ZOO! You can expect some posts and maybe a video from this trip.

I can´t really imagine going away without few basic things. Let me know if you have it the same or what other essentials can´t be missing in your suitcase.


Not only it´s a good thing to have to protect your head from the direct sun but if you choose a stylish one, you can turn your outfit into something completely different. I am not a fan of big hats, only because my head and face is too small for them but love them on other people. So I go for the small ones which you can buy in the small shops along the beach. I bought last one quite recently in Seminyak, Bali and I love it.


Obviously, very important to have. I tend to buy them usually in H&M, Reserved or in the markets in Thailand. Recently, I have decided that it´s time to own at least one pair of good quality sunglasses so I got for my birthday these from Marc Jacobs and can´t be more than happy with them.


I prefer to have my hair up when on the beach so I need to have a couple of hairbands and clips in my bag. I get them in H&M where they have really nice collection this summer. Mostly with flowers and stones. Very cute!


beach bag

When on holiday I don´t like to walk around with my handbags I wear at home. Well, only if go out in the evening I have some small purse, otherwise I love a cotton bag with some funky picture where you can stuff your towel, bottle of water, sun cream, book and much more! They sell them in the markets, Primark, Asos and in almost any shop with clothes.



I don´t wear much of jewellery. Yes, I always have earrings and sometimes a watch. I have tiny hands for most of the bracelets so I wear only a pink string I got after a blessing from a Thai monk. So when I wanna decorate myself a bit I go for a necklace. My favourite one at the moment is the tiny Karma necklace.


Not only I like to drink tea and coffee from this cup but also a water so I find this quite handy to have it with me on my travels. The cups in the hotel rooms are ususally really small so I´d rather use my own. If you go to Starbucks or any other coffee chain, you can ask them to put your coffee in it so you´ll be also environment friendly.





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