On our way to Thailand we had a few hour layover in Amsterdam so we thought it would be a shame not to go and see the city. I have already been in A´dam twice. For the first time at the occasion of Queen´s Day which is at the end of April and when the entire city wears orange and everyone is partying on the streets. Second time it was just for a day and I saw few of the main attractions. Amsterdam definitely has its own unique character and lovely architecture.

how to get From the airport to the centre

The arrival hall at the Schiphol airport is connected to the train station. To go to the centre you need to ask for a ticket to Amsterdam Centraal. Cost is 5 Eur per journey and it takes only about 10 minutes. The train goes six times per hour both directions from different platforms so easy peasy.

What to do:

I am not going to give you an ultimate guide on what everything is there to be seen in Amstedam. Just few tips and ideas in case you have only few hours….

Take a canal cruise

When you step out of the Amsterdam Centraal Station you will see a small white building called Tourist Centre where you can book your canal cruise. I did this kind of cruise a years ago and you will learn a lot about the history and will even see the smallest house in the city!

head to the Dam square

Twelve minute walk from the station will take you to the Dam Square where you can spot the Royal Palace, the Nieuwe Kerk (new church), the National Monument,  Madame Tussaud´s Museum and in the many surrounding streets you will find a lot of shops! So if you still have some space in your hand luggage, enjoy!


Other place you will find in the centre is Anne Frank House. Anne Frank was a Jewish girl which had to hide together with her family during the World War II in an annex of rooms above her father´s office. They lived like this for over 2 years. During this period she was writing a diary which was later discovered and became one of the most powerful memoirs of the Holocaust.

explore the sex district

Just few steps from The Dam you will find the famous Red Light District. Saw it both during the day and night and def much more going on after the dusk. Anyway, good to see also during the day. Most of the displayed windows will be empty but few ladies will be working. You will find many specialized shops in this area.

 spend your time in one of many museums

Amsterdam is top destination for international art and architecture. The most known are Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum and The Stedelijk Museum of modern art. If you are into museums, you can easily spend there few hours or visit the attached café. Just make sure you don´t miss you connecting flight.



  1. If you want to visit the Anne Frank house with just a couple hours of time you should buy a ticket in advance, otherwise you will spend an hour in line already! Further than that.. great article! Amsterdam is a great city, and fairly small, which makes it easy to visit it in a short amount of time!


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