We are currently staying for the entire September in Chiang Mai. It took us a while to choose the place where to stay because there are just too many options and we might be a bit picky. The important thing is to know what do you expect from the hotel because a month is not a short time and you don´t want to end up in a shi- -y room.

Our requirements were:

  1. not too far from the Old Town
  2. pool and gym
  3. cosy room
  4. good wi-fi
  5. kettle, fridge and just some basic equipment since we have no kitchen

So we did Google a lot and found The Opium – Serviced Apartment and Hotel.


41/1 Soi Viangbua Chottana Road, T. Changpuek, Chiang Mai. It is located on the north side from the Old Town and is pretty walkable (only about 15 min walk) but on a busy steet. Plus it´s always a nightmare to cross the road to get to the OT. We tried to observe this skill from the locals and you just need to dive in the road no matter how big the traffic is and hope they won´t run you over. There is 7 eleven only few meters from the hotel, many street eateries and two of our favourite cafés. One is called Ab´Petite and the other one Phuphiang where they make amazing coffee.


This hotel offers 4 different types of rooms. We went for the studio which consist of a bedroom and bathroom incl. fridge, microwave, safe box, TV and AC. We don´t have a balcony as we are on the ground floor but sliding door which we can completely open. Luckily it´s all protected by a net so no way for bugs to get it. There is one downside – the hotel staff is passing your windows quite often which is a bit annoying. Other type of accommodation they offer is Grand Studio, 1-Bedroom Grand Suite and 2-Bedroom Suite which is a proper apartment with kitchen area as well.


There is a small gym with few machines (unfortunately not all of them are working), small pool and areas with seats and sofas where you can sit and relax. They have few routers for wi-fi which works well, but sometimes is a bit slow, so then you need to log out and log into the other one. If you rent monthly, then you get housekeeping service once per week.

Overal impression

Breakfast – for those who rent for days/weeks the breakfast is included in the price. If you stay for a month, you can pay additional 2000 THB or have it for 100 THB per day. Well, we tried once and not gonna do it again. There is a buffet where you can choose from two kinds of fruit, corn flakes, and some mini sandwiches plus tea, coffee, milk, honey. Then you can have some chicken soup, rice with omelette or „american breakfast“ which consists of egg, slice of ham, weird sausage, a bit of butter and two white slices of toast. All this was super artificial and with a zero taste. I think for the money they charge could do better considering the fact Chiang Mai is full of healthy, vegan and organic food.

Staff – everyone working at the reception is very nice, welcoming and helpful. The reception runs 24/7. You can also ask them to order you food from a nearby restaurant.

I love the fact that the hotel is not just next to the road but to access it you need to walk thru a green alley first. It is very pleasant to sit around the pool which offers comfortable sunbeds and is hidden by a fence made from plants and palm trees.

MTF Rating: 4/5



  1. Studio per month is 350 USD…saw plenty of cheaper options but just didn´t want to give up having gym and pool just few steps from the room.


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