This post won´t be much about traveling but few thoughts and comparisons on how things in your life change when you switch location. I lived for a few years in Prague and had a full time job which sometimes felt like an all day job. At the end of the day I was just exhausted and thought only about having dinner and going to bed. Yes, there had been few attemps of learning German or Italian in the evenings but I usually failed after few days because there was always something else to do (paint my nails, cook lunch for tomorrow, check Facebook and Instagram etc.) I confess that I am very good at procrastination but I have discovered that making TO DO lists actually helps and everytime you tick off one of the tasks it feels just awesome!

my life in prague

I had a little studio back in Prague where I lived on my own. I had the same routine from Monday to Friday, meaning 9AM – 6:15PM work plus food shopping made it almost 7PM when I finally got home. Then the usual stuff like eating, showering, cooking lunch for the next day, internet browsing or reading made it almost 11:30PM when it was time to go to bed.

You might think that this is how it is for millions of people in the world. But I didn´t like to devote all my precious time to someone who doesn´t even appreciate it and doesn´t care about anyone else but himself (yes, talking about my previous boss). Anyway, I didn´t want to work just to pay my bills….

my life in south- east asia

As they say If you don´t try, you´ll never know and I can´t agree more. So here I am sitting in this lovely café in Chiang Mai writing this blog post. There was a lot of hassle before my departure. I had to sell all my furniture, paint my flat (thanks my parents for the help), get rid of like 70 % of my closet which was actually a good thing to do cause I have learned that there is absolutely no point in buying 5 cheap jumpers or ballerina shoes which after wearing only few times can be dumped in the bin. Packing 33 sqm flat into one suitcase is damn difficult, but doable.

Now – my ideal scenario is to find an online job and continue writing my blog. Not really sure how lucky I will be and how long my savings will last but I am happy I took the risk.

Living in Thailand gives you even more free time. All the household tasks fall off because

  • you have housekeeping for your room/apartment
  • you don´t wash your clothes. You just take your dirty bag to the laundry lady who will wash and fold them for you very cheaply.
  • you don´t cook because the food on the street is much cheaper than buying all the ingredients

I have to admit that I miss the cooking part but you can´t have it all. I am having all the time on my hands now which I can spend doing a regular exercise including yoga, swimming and going to the gym, working on my blog, learning, reading and looking for a job I will love.



  1. I am so jealous! I have been trying to convince my family we should just sell everything and move to Chiang Mai, but they aren’t buying it. Maybe I will at least get a solo trip there for a bit since I can work from my laptop. Enjoy your free time!


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