Moving abroad is definitely an exciting event in your life but it has its dark sides as well. I have experienced this only a month ago and it was crazy!! I have lived in my nice cute studio which I furnished and decorated all by myself. I made countless trips to IKEA, usually just for that “one thing” but ended up with two packed bags of useless crap. This together with my clothes was piling up in my huge bottomless build-in closet. After few months of living there I realized I am not gonna stay more than a year in this flat so I stopped buying. As mentioned in my previous post I have managed to pack all this into one suitcase. It was hard work and it took me a lot of energy and time but I have managed. How? Read below.

start early

If you end up in the same situation as me, my advice nr. 1 is to start sorting your stuff out at least 1 month in advance. Take it steps by steps. One weekend you can go through your clothes, the other weekend through your books etc. If you leave it to the last minute, you won´t have time to manage it all.


If you feel like it, sell your furniture. I mean, all my furniture was from IKEA so I didn´t feel like I own any unique pieces which I have to store, so I got rid of it. I sold everything with 50% discount eventhough it was all in a very good condition. But my aim was not to make money on it but to have empty hands at the end of the month. Advertise on the local websites and on the websites for expats. It seems like in Prague everyone wants to sleep in bed from IKEA because I got about 60 emails and calls only regarding my bed. At the end a lady from a different city came to pick it up. If you are in Prague, try sbazar or expats.

Do the same with your clothes but only if you have some time on your hands. I have used Vinted (only in CZ) and it´s basically a website where you sell clothing you don´t want anymore. The problem is that it takes some time to take pictures and write all the descriptions and then communicate with the potential buyers and answer their questions. Well, I have managed to sell something. Also if you are not sure what to sell and what to keep, my advice is – make 3 different piles – sell, keep and maybe. After one week come back to the maybe pile and you will know if you still want to own that piece or not.

do a charity

Don´t throw any of your clothes into a garbage unless it looks so bad that even homeless would not wear it. Find out if there are some special clothes containers where you can dump it. The items from these containers go usually to children´s homes or are being recycled. You can do the same with the kitchen equipment. Surely some charity houses will need some plates or pillows.

go to a flea market

If you can´t be bothered with selling your possessions online, go to a flea market. You might sell all at once and close this horrible part of moving abroad.

organize a give away party

If your flat is bigger than mine, organize a party for your friends and family. Display everything you don´t need anymore and you never know – your vase, candles or picture frames will maybe find a new home.

rent a storage place

If you are too clingy, rent a storage place where you can deposit all your belongings, anything from your favourite chair to bicycle or box of books. The storage places are in every bigger city. They are few so in order to get the best price, you need to do some research. They offer various spaces, starting from 1 sqm to the whole containers.

ask your friends

You never know. You might possess a thing your friends would love to have as well. That´s what my boyfriend did and his drum kits and turntables have new home now and are actually being used. Or maybe they only have an unused garage or a cellar.

Hope this was helpful and let me know if you have similar experience and how did you deal with it.


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