What is a bucket list? First time I have heard this term was when I was in SE Asia. Almost every traveller had it and I have thought that it´s a list of places they want to visit on their journey. Later I have been told that it´s a list of things a person wants to achieve before he/she dies. Before I have never gave a thought of what my bucket list would look like. I have also heard that it would be easier for you to achieve everything if you actually write it down.

So here it goes…

Visit Ha Long Bay in Vietnam

Go to the Victoria Peak in Hong Kong

Stroke baby orangutan at the sanctuary in Borneo

Learn to drive without a fear and stress

Fly the first class

Source: morexplore.com
Source: morexplore.com

Work remotely (at least for a year)

Sleep in an overwater bungalow in Maldives

Learn Italian

Own a nice little café

Grow long and shiny hair

Source: study2office.com
Source: study2office.com

Learn how to meditate

Visit Oxford and Bath in UK

Take a selfie with quokka

See Justin Timberlake on a stage

Have a toned belly

Source: happyblog.it
Source: happyblog.it

Swim in an infinity pool

Visit Iguazu waterfalls in Argentina / Brazil

Get blessing from a monk

Learn to bake cupcakes

Eat oysters

Source: amazingplacesforus.com
Source: amazingplacesforus.com

Work as a volunteer

Learn to appreciate wine

Travel alone

Try diving

Trek to Machu Picchu in Peru

Go to a desert

Try stand-up paddle boarding

Visit Istanbul

Shop at the floating market

Own an apartment

Source: medcezirhotel.net
Source: medcezirhotel.net

Meet a turtle under the water

Bath and stroke an elephant

Live abroad

Have a picnic in Central Park in New York

Take a cooking class

Make my own pasta

Start my own blog

Live on an island

Go to a rope park and finish all the sections

Drink real Italian cappuccino

As you can see – 13 out of 40 completed so far. Can´t wait to accomplish the rest! Have a great day!



    • Thanks! I hope the same 🙂 I liked your vlogs! Seems like you really enjoy Croatia…btw where did you edit your video? iMovie or Windows Movie Maker? Or something I don´t know about? 🙂


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