So after six week in Southeast Asia we finally made it to the beach! Hooray! We are currently on Koh Chang island in Thailand. Originally, we did not really plan to come here. At this time we were meant to be in Langkawi in Malaysia but due to some idiotic companies in Indonesia who are burning forests and plantation and causing massive pollution not only to their country but also to Singapore and Malaysia, we are not! Our flight was cancelled because the haze got to high numbers and the visibility was almost zero. And who wants to stay in a place like this? Not us for sure!

The plan B was to go to Krabi or Phuket but thanks to our old friend Google we found out that the haze was heading there as well. We didn´t want to lose any more time in KL so the decision has fallen on Bangkok where we originally intended to stay for the whole month in order to find a job. I really like Bangkok but I wanted to go to the beach more. And which islands are close to BKK? Koh Samed which I visited last year and Koh Chang which I only heard about from a friend of mine and was dying to see.

How to get there

You can fly from BKK to Trat but then you need to get to the pier and from there take a boat. With all the time spent at the airport it probably makes more sense to go by bus as we did. The bus leaves from Ekkamai bus station which is very easily accesible as it is one of the BTS Skytrain stops. The bus leaves at 7:45 and 9:45 in the morning. In low season you can probably just show up some time before the departure and buy the ticket but we wanted to be sure so bought the tickets a day before. It costs 245 baht per person and you gonna spend around 5 hours in the bus which will take you to the Centre point pier. There you need to buy another ticket for the ferry (80 baht) and in 30 minutes you´ll stand on the soil of Koh Chang island. There are taxis which will take you to your hotel as soon as they fill up (100 baht to Lonely Beach).

Where to stay

We are staying on Lonely Beach as this is known as the most popular place among young people. There are plenty of restaurants and bars and quite easy to find a room to stay in. Anything you wish for, from fancy bungalows to wooden dodgy cottages on the beach. We like it here so far as there are not so many people yet. But everyone says that in the high season it gets packed and the season is starting in two weeks already! The Lonely beach itself is not that long so I can imagine it might not be a pleasant place to stay. But let´s see!


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