When you travel you really need to reduce the volume of cosmetic products in your bag otherwise you could easily end up with carrying extra five kilo of liquids, powders and creams. I remember back in 2008 when I went first time abroad on my own (to Greece where I spent an amazing summer) I brought with me the full packaging of shampoo, shower gel, conditioner etc…..What did I think? That Greek island does not sell these things? Silly girl…Now I travel without these or maximum with a travel sized packaging in case I arrive somewhere in the middle of the night and I need to take a shower. The rest I buy at my destination because you can get the basics even in the most remote places. So what is it that you need to bring or buy which will be really useful? Read further….

hand sanitizer spray

This is a must have product! You might find out that some of the restaurants just don´t have a soap in the bathrooms or when it comes to worse, there is not even a water so you´ll be happy to grab your little spray and clean your hands. I have been using Antabax which I bought in Malaysia and I am quite happy with it. It says it kills 99,9% of harmful bacteria. It has aloe vera, is not sticky, nourishes and hydrates and you need to use only a tiny bit.

mosquito repellent

Another must have product, especially if you travel anywhere tropical. I recommend to buy this at the spot because apparently those from Europe are not efficient in Asia. Someone told me that the good repellent needs to have DEET 13%. Not really sure what does it mean but you can find this information on the back of the bottle. You can buy them anywhere, either as a lotion or a spray. In Thailand you can get them even at 7 eleven. And I quite like them because they smell lovely!

facial wash

Very important to have some. Even if you spend a day on a beach wearing no makeup, you still need to clean your face because it will be full of sand or grease from sun cream. If you are in a capital then your skin will thank you for using something like this! I have spent less than a week in polluted Kuala Lumpur and my face was full of blackheads and acne! Yuck! That´s why I went to the nearest drugstore (Watsons) and got Simple facial wash gel – which is actually UK´s No.1 skincare product. It´s soap free and suitable even for sensitive skin.

pore strips

This comes hand in hand with the facial wash. While I was in the drugstore I grabbed also the Tea Tree Oil Pore Strips from Guardian which unclog and deeply cleanse pores on your nose. It is easy to use and it does some work. You can find 10 strips in this packaging.

eau de parfum

It feels great to put a bit of a perfume on you just after a shower before heading for a dinner. In summer (or when it´s hot) I prefer something light and my favourite for the last few years have been Green Tea from Elizabeth Arden. I love the smell of green tea and everything citrusy.

shower gel

Of course you need a shower gel. What a basic thing, but if you are in Southeast Asia I need to recommend you this one! The brand is called Shokubutsu which I think is Japanese and they offer different scents. It contains 99% cleansing ingredients from plants, it smells sooo good and makes a lot of foam. You can choose from gingko, orange, sakura, green tea and much more. So delightful!

Please let me know in the comments below what are your must have products for travelling!


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