We had a fun Sunday! We were dying to explore some nearby islands for a quite some time so on Friday we finally made our minds and decided to book a tour. We were meant to go on Saturday but on Friday evening (few hours after the booking) we were reached by the tour operator lady that we should choose another day because on Saturday there will be only Thai people. We did not really understand what does it mean. Why can´t we go with Thai people? That still remains a big mystery to us!

where to book

Just go on the main street and you will definitely see loads of tour operator stands. If you can´t be bothered, just ask at your hotel or hostel and they will happily arrange a trip for you.

where did we go

We were picked up from our cottage and then headed to the Bang Bao pier from where we took off to these four islands:

  • Koh Yak – tiny, rocky island, smaller than a football pitch where we snorkelled for about 45 minutes.

  • Koh Rang – the biggest out of all the islands. We were taken to the beach which is the one you can see in a travel catalogues – soft white sand and crystal blue waters.

  • Koh Loan – another tiny island.

  • Koh Wai – inhabitable island where you can find few cottages for rent, broken bridge at the pier and electricity only for few hours per day. The water had a turquoise color and I believe it must be magical to stay there for at least a few nights.


The trip cost 700 THB per person and included the entry to the National Park, snorkel, water, fruit, lunch, snack and pick up and drop off from/to your hotel.


It is definitely worth going! The staff on the boat was ok and although there were some foreigners as well (apart from Thai people) they gave all the instructions to us only in Thai.

There were about 80 people on the boat and if I should go next time I would probably prefer to take a private tour. As I mentioned above, the islands were tiny and we were just too many! When we snorkeled we had somebody else´s feet in front of us all the time. But what I found hilarious was:

  • Thais don´t wear bikini when going in the sea. No, don´t worry, they were not naked! What´s worse they jump in in their clothes. So pretty normal thing to wear jumper, long dress or fancy shirt and snorkel around the islands.

  • They can´t swim. I get it, not everyone can swim, even I have learned to swim when I was already about 12 years old but I would not risk it and go on an open sea. We all wore a life jackets because when you are in the water for 45 minutes you can just lie on it and rest in case you get tired. They snorkel in groups. They have a guide who is holding one vest behind him and other five people just hang on it. I found it a bit challenging to swim between these groups.

Let me know in the comments below if you have done the same route, what are your best snorkeling spots in Thailand and what would you recommend. Thanks!


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